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Repayment conditions

100% repayment under 2H of game: if less than 2H of tennis was played on the court for which you bought a ticket, your ticket will be fully reimbursed

What should I do to be reimbursed?

If your ticket qualifies for repayment, you will receive an email at the end of the tournament inviting you to login to our ticketing website to get your refund. You will simply have to enter your credit card details and the refund will be transferred to your bank account

New in 2017

Refund fully dematerialised. No supporting document will be asked for.


Real time availabilities

Visualisation of your seats

Instant confirmation


On site

Only for the Qualifying (Monday 22 to Friday 26 May 2017)

Paper tickets

By mail

Restricted to a maximum of € 200

Limited availabilities

Longer processing than online

Paper tickets

Through agencies

Package ticket / travel / hotel depending on your needs

Twice as many tickets available for this day!

In 2017, one of the most iconic day of the tournament will now be available to twice as many visitors thanks to “à la carte” matches.

What will be different on this day?

You will now buy your ticket for a specific match. Therefore you will have to book two tickets in order to see both Gentlemen’s semi-finals.

An amazing day

Buying a ticket for one of the gentlemen’s semi-finals will also give you access to the stadium from 10AM. All along the day, you will be able to watch the Legends' Trophy, the Finals Ladies' Doubles, Junior Tennis and the Wheelchair Tournament


Tickets for the main courts over the entire tournament

Maximum of two tickets for Sunday 11th of June


Tickets for the outside courts over the entire tournament


No limit for the Qualifying or the Roland-Garros Kid's Day



Court Number 1



Avoid the illegal resale

Only two channels are officials:

Our website

One of the six official agencies

Any ticket purchased via these channels will be valid and sold at face value

If you purchase through an unofficial channel, you run the risk of:

Being denied access to the stadium

Never receiving the tickets

Paying much more than face value for the tickets

Be careful when using your account:

Your login details are personal and confidential

You are responsible for orders made from your account

FFT membership and its benefits cannot be passed on

Illegal resale

Unofficial websites

Unofficial agencies

Unofficial concierges

Do not purchase tickets through these channels: they sell tickets without the agreement of the French Tennis Federation and do not guarantee you official tickets

4 steps


On his account, the buyer assigns each ticket to the name and first name of its final holder (beneficiary)


Print out your e-ticket or download it directly on the MyRG app


The beneficiary goes to the stadium with the e-ticket or the m-ticket and a form of identification which includes a photograph


The form of identification must correspond to the name indicated on the print-out when the e-ticket is checked.

Should the bearer not have any form of identification or if the name indicated on the print-out does not correspond, access to the stadium will be refused

Good to know

E-ticket availabilities

For orders before mid-April, your e-tickets will be available from mid-April onwards

For orders from mid-April onwards, your e-tickets will be available immediately in your account

Deadline for assigning

If you purchase on the day of its validity date, you must assign it right away

Otherwise, you need to assign before midnight the day before its validity date

Rules for assigning

No name features on the e-ticket by default: for example, you must indicate your name on any ticket that you intend to use personally

It is not possible to assign an e-ticket on the day of its date of validity

Since 2016, the resale service is now integrated to our website

How resale works?

Resale service

While the resale service is open, you can resell your tickets anytime. When you resale a ticket, it automatically appears on the ticketing website

Resale system

You can put a ticket for resale until 5pm on its validity date

As soon as it is purchased, you get a confirmation by email


Refunds for 2017 are now closed

Resale benefits



On your account, it only takes one clic to put a ticket for sale

We take care of everything, you have nothing more to do!



Have you changed your mind?

Go back into your account and cancel the resell in one clic if your ticket has not yet been purchased



99% of tickets are sold successfully. In case of reselling, the entire face value of your ticket will be refunded



Tickets are put for sale at the price fixed by the FFT (rate applied at the time of the order). Any price difference will be at the charge of the new buyer