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Real time availabilities

Visualisation of your seats

Instant confirmation


By mail

Restricted to a maximum of € 200

Limited availabilities

Longer processing than online

Paper tickets

Through agencies

Package ticket / travel / hotel depending on your needs


Tickets for the main courts over the entire tournament

Maximum of two tickets for Sunday 10th of June


Tickets for the outside courts over the entire tournament


No limit for the Qualifying or the Roland-Garros Kid's Day


Repayment conditions

100% repayment under 2H of game: if less than 2H of tennis was played on the court for which you bought a ticket, your ticket will be fully reimbursed

What should I do to be reimbursed?

If your ticket qualifies for repayment, you will receive an email at the end of the tournament inviting you to login to our ticketing website to get your refund. You will simply have to enter your credit card details and the refund will be transferred to your bank account

New since 2017

Refund fully dematerialised. No supporting document will be asked for.