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Specific ways to book

Who can book as a group?

Only tennis clubs or associations can benefit from group orders

How to book as a group?

From 1st of February to 30th of April, simply send us back the group order form with an official letterhead of your association & your payment (credit card or check)

The 2018 group order form will be available soon

What can you book?

Only outside courts are available

You can book up to 60 tickets

By mail

Only for associations & tennis clubs

Outside courts only



From €20 to €32

A reduced rate for under 20s is available during the Qualifyings (21 to 25 May 2018) and for the last 5 days of the event


Tickets for the main courts

Only tennis clubs affiliated to the FFT can order tickets for the main courts


Tickets for the outside courts from 27th of May to 4th of June


No limit for the Qualifying, the Roland-Garros Kid's Day or the Legend's Trophy