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Roland-Garros 2019 ticket sales schedule is available below.

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2019 Roland-Garros ticket sales schedule


Business Packages: year-round


FFT Club Members: January 30 to February 13, 2019


Group orders: February 4 to April 30, 2019


General Public, Premium packages: beginning on March 6, 2019


Disabled persons: beginning on March 13, 2019 (proof of disability to be sent before March 4)


General Public, all packages: beginning on March 20, 2019 at 10AM UTC+1


Resale service: beginning on April 17, 2019


Last minute: beginning on May 7, 2019

4 steps


On his account, the buyer must assign each ticket the name and surname of its final holder no later than midnight the day preceding its scheduled use


E-tickets must be printed or downloaded on the Roland-Garros official app


The ticket holder must bring his/her e-ticket or m-ticket and photo ID to the stadium


The name appearing on the ID and on the pass printed out during check-in must match

Access to the stadium will be denied without identification or if the name on the pass is not the ticket holder's

Good to know

E-ticket availability

E-tickets will be available by the end of April for all orders placed before that time

They will be available immediately on your account after that time

Ticket assignment deadline

The buyer must enter through his account the name of the recipient who will be using the e-ticket.

Same-day tickets must be assigned at the time of ordering. For all other cases, tickets must be assigned at the latest on the day preceding their scheduled use

Additional services

To use your vouchers and collect your additionnal services (parking, gift voucher, meals), you need to print them out as you cannot use the Roland-Garros official app to use your vouchers.

Tickets may no longer be assigned or modified on the day of their scheduled use (excepting same-day purchases)

Twice as many tickets available for this day!

Since 2017, one of the most iconic day of the tournament is now available to twice as many visitors.

What is different on this day?

Tickets are purchased per semi-final. You will need two tickets if you wish to attend both semi-finals.

An exceptional day

Stadium gates open at 10 AM for both gentlemen’s semi-finals spectators. Enjoy this day's exceptional events: doubles, Trophée des Légendes, junior tournaments, wheelchair tennis...


The stands of the court Philippe-Chatrier have been completely renovated in order to offer a better comfort and a better visibility, particularly in the corners.


The new court Simonne-Mathieu, with its unique design, fits perfectly into the Serres d’Auteuil garden and offers 5000 seats.


The outside courts located between the court Suzanne-Lenglen and the court 14 have been redesigned in order to create a new agreeable and convivial zone.

The resale service is provided entirely on-line

How does the resale service works?

The resale service opens in late April

Tickets put up for resale will immediately be made available on the ticketing website.

Tickets may be put up for resale until the day of their scheduled use

Resale policy

You may put a ticket up for resale with just one click on the "RESALE" button next to each of your tickets on MY ORDERS page

You will be informed by email as soon as the ticket is purchased

Tickets in resale may be purchased until the day of their scheduled use

Redeeming your resale

Resold tickets are available on the MY ORDERS section

Resale advantages


Simple & speedy

With just one click on your account, your ticket is put up for resale

We will take care of everything, your job is done!



Change of heart?

Simply visit your account and cancel the resale with just one click if the ticket has not yet been purchased



99% of tickets are successfully resold. Should you resell your ticket, you will recover its full purchase price



Tickets are resold at FFT rates (effective rate at the time of resale). Any difference in price will be borne by the new buyer

Avoid illegal resale

There are only two official channels:

Our website

One of our official agencies

Any ticket sold through these channels is valid and sold at its official price.

Using any other means will put you at risk of:

Being denied access to the stadium

Never receiving your tickets

Paying an exorbitant price for your tickets

Use your account responsibly:

Your login information is personal and confidential

You are responsible for the tickets on your account

FFT membership is personal and non-transferable

Illegal resale

Unofficial websites

Unofficial agencies

Unofficial concierges

Do not purchase tickets through these channels: their sale is not authorized by the French Tennis Federation and the validity of your tickets will not be guaranteed

Refund terms & conditions

Every ticket comes standard with a full money back guarantee if play time was less than 2 hours due to inclement weather on the court for which you purchased a ticket (excluding Qualifyings and Evening Visitors tickets).

The refund will be made on the basis of the ticket's face value. Please note that for Premium Packages only the ticketing portion of the package is covered by this guarantee (unless you purchased the Premium insurance).

Procedure for reimbursement

Fully paperless refund, no additional documentation required.

The owner of the account used to purchase the relevant ticket will be contacted at the end of the tournament.

The refund will be made via credit card on the ticketing website within one month after the end of the tournament.

General Public Complementary Insurance

Weather and/or Contingency Insurance: depending on the date of the ticket, full refund of the ticket price if play time is less than 2 or 3 hours due to inclement weather or aborted matches.

View the Weather & Contingency Insurance terms and conditions

Premium Complementary Insurance

Premium Insurance: full refund of your Premium package (ticket + all included services) if play time is less than 2 hours due to inclement weather.

View the General Terms and Conditions of Sale