The information of this page applies to DISABLED people

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Specific requirements

Specific requirements exists if you are the holder of :

- a badge stating that you are more than 80% handicapped and use a wheelchair

- a priority badge or an invalidity badge which states "requires an accompanying person" or "blind"

Following steps to carry out

We invite you to create an account if you have not already done so.

Before the 5th of March 2018: send us your proof of invalidity at mentioning the log-in name of your account . Please tell us if you are a wheelchair user or not, and if your wheelchair is electric or manual.

Once we have received and verified your proof of invalidity, we will activate your account.

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Book your single tickets directly online from 14th of March 2018 onwards

Only one accompanying person authorized to promote access to a wider audience


Real time availabilities

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Single tickets for the main courts over the entire tournament

Maximum of two tickets for Sunday 10th of June


Tickets for the outside courts over the entire tournament


No limit for the Qualifying or the Roland-Garros Kid's Day